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Number one in Bonn since 1955

Oldest pawnshop in Bonn

Since 1955, when it was founded by Heinz Greven, we have been operating the Greven Pfandbeleihung in Münsterstraße in Bonn’s city center, now in its third generation.

This makes us by far the oldest pawnshop in Bonn.

We have already been able to store more than 400,000 pawns from Bonn citizens.


Our customers, many of whom have been coming to us for decades, know that they will always be served personally with the utmost discretion, seriousness and confidence in consistency and tradition.

It is ensured that a member of the owner family is always present to personally look after you as a customer.

Especially in such a sensitive business, personal contact is crucial.

No purchases

It is important for us to emphasize that, as an original pawnbroker and specialist, we do not make any purchases. This means that there are no conflicts of interest when lending and determining the loan.

Lending on high-quality pledged items – no technical items

It is difficult to combine mass business with quality.

By focusing on high-value pawn items such as brand-name watches and jewelry, but also art and porcelain, we have extensive expertise in these areas.

This focus allows us to avoid the customer traffic that would otherwise occur, which would make personal contact and discretion more difficult.

The focus of our pawnbroking business is reflected in the items on offer at our auctions, where you have the opportunity to acquire high-quality pawns at very reasonable prices without a premium.

Highest security standards

Location is also crucial in the pawnbroking business. For decades, we have had a suitable store in Bonn city center opposite and connected to the Gabi police station.

Over the years, we have invested in state-of-the-art camera systems, bulletproof glass, new cash safes and alarm systems.

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    Member of the Central Association of the German Pawnbroking Industry
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