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Number one in Bonn since 1955

Pfandbeleihung Greven

Do you have a short-term financial bottleneck and need cash?

With us, Pfandbeleihung Greven, you can get a loan quickly and unbureaucratically without any credit checks (Schufa Auskunft), which is paid out immediately on the spot.

Founded in 1955, we are by far the oldest pawnshop in Bonn and the only company in Bonn that exclusively offers pawn loans.

As a specialized pawnbroker, we attach great importance to not making any purchases in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

We concentrate exclusively on lending against high-value items and therefore do not accept technical items as pledge.

Thanks to state-of-the-art camera systems, armored safes, bulletproof glass and alarm systems, as well as insurance against fire and water damage, burglary and robbery, your pawn is safe with us – just like more than 400,000 other pawns from Bonn citizens.

We stand for competence, experience and reliability. We are a member of the Zentralverband des Deutschen Pfandkreditgewerbes e.V.

You will find us centrally located in Bonn’s city center, directly opposite two always available parking garages of the Alte Bahnhofsgarage.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday
9:00 to 13:00 and 14:30 to 17:30

Pawn credit - fast and unbureaucratic with immediate cash payout

We value the item in your presence and pay you the pawn loan directly.

We never provide information to Schufa or banks. We treat your data confidentially (privacy policy) and do not pass it on to any branches.

Discretion is our top priority.

As a pure pawnbroker, we focus on lending against high-value pawned items.

We do not lend on technical equipment or instruments.

We specialize in the lending of
  1. Gold and diamond jewelry

    Lending against gold and diamond jewelry is the traditional core of our lending business. In addition to the pure gold price, we also try to take into account the value of the jewelry. This distinguishes us fundamentally from gold buying stores.

  2. Brand and collector's watches

    Lending against high-quality brand-name and collector's watches is one of the focal points of our pawnbroking business. Loans are regularly made including certificate and box of the respective watch.
    This kind of business is also reflected in our auctions, where high-quality brand-name watches, not just Rolex, are always offered.

  3. Porcelain from renowned manufacturers such as Meissen, Herend, KPM etc.

    We traditionally only lend porcelain from renowned manufacturers. One focus is on historical figures and groups of figures, especially from Meissen, as you can see from the real example photos.

  4. Silver objects

    We have been lending high-quality silver display items since the company was founded in 1955, including candlesticks, bowls, goblets, boxes and mugs, as shown in the sample photos.

  5. Works of art such as paintings, prints or sculptures

    We lend high-quality works of art and have worked together with art historians from Bonn for decades. Among others, we have already been able to lend works by August Macke, Günther Uecker, Heinz Mack, Otto Pippel, Joseph Beuys, Otto Piene, A.R. Penck, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Erich Heckel or Tom Wesselmann and many other artists.

  6. Antiques

    We are happy to lend antiques. Realistically, however, they must be of a size that allows them to be transported to us and stored appropriately.

  7. Exclusive writing instruments

    We regularly lend exclusive writing instruments, for example from Montblanc, Faber Castell etc.

  8. Exclusive accessories

    such as bags, belts, scarves, etc. from Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Dior, Chanel, etc. are available on loan. Original invoices are particularly useful when lending against very high-quality bags.


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    Pfandbeleihung Greven
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